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Cosmetology programs are popular among students since they can usually be finished in less time than regular 2- or 4-year programs. These careers can also be more flexible compared to 9-5 office positions. Not to mention that you’ll have the opportunity to help others  look and feel their best! True Colors Cosmetology School was awarded one of the Matrix’s “Spread the Love” schools in 2012 and has since gained professional renown in the industry to practice and train in various beauty programs. Our services cost half the price but take twice as long to complete because of the comprehensive theoretical and real-world practices provided to our students. We ensure that every piece of information we provide is safe to use with your future clients. If you are interested in enrollment, you can call us at 307-682-0242 or email  truecolorstcenter@gmail for more info. Check out the programs we offer along with their prices!

Tuition Menu

Here is a list of programs offered with tuition:

Cosmetology Program

1600 clock hours


(Basic Training-Eleven Weeks)

Hairstylists Program

1000 clock hours


(Basic Training-Six Weeks)

Esthetician Program

600 clock hours


(Basic Training-Three Weeks)

Nail Tech Program

400 clock hours


(Basic Training-Two Weeks)

Instructor Program

Licensed Professionals

Open Enrollment / Schedule is negotiable

Tuition: $5000.00

Waxing Tech Program

Licensed Hairstylist and Nail Techs ONLY

Open Enrollment / Schedule is negotiable

Tuition: $2,000.00

Note: $1500.00 deposit required one month before enrollment.
Clock Hours: 60 minutes equals one clock hour.
Prices are subject to change without notice. Once the enrollment form is signed the price will remain as stated.

Your journey to become a beauty expert starts here!

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